『CREATORS INTERVIEW』 #07『東欧のクリエイター「MotionLab」が語る制作哲学とは?』公開!


ニューメディア・クリエイティブ・テクノロジー・スタジオとしてルーマニアを拠点にグローバルに活動しているMotionLab (モーションラボ)


記事はこちら↓(The article is in Japanese text only.)

MotionLab 詳細はこちら↓

“CREATORS INTERVIEW” series of interviews and dialogues brought to you by COLORS CREATION

#07 “Eastern European Creator “MotionLab” Talks about Their Production Philosophy is now available.

MotionLab is a new media creative technology studio based in Romania and operating globally.

The studio brings together professionals in the fields of media art, 2D and 3D design, architecture, sound design, and production management to create numerous projection mapping and installation works with the goal of “designing unique experiences.

We were able to hear about their mindset in creating artworks, the importance of “putting all one’s energy into capturing an environment where one can improve oneself,” and their thoughts on education for children.