Sunnana inc.[Japan]


サンナナは九州 熊本を拠点に活動するデザイナー×ミュージシャン×プログラマーがコラボレーションして生まれたクリエイター集団。

Sunnana inc. is a creative team based in Kumamoto, a city in the Japanese island of Kyushu, born through a collaboration between a designer, a musician, and a programmer.
The beautiful prime number “37” is read in Japanese as “Sunnana”. Sunnana, like this unique number, strives to pursue a unique multi-faceted mix of technological advancement and beautiful expression.
They are currently increasing the breadth of our activities with many projects, including design, video, song-writing/editing, web projects, and partnerships with major manufacturers.


2019 Circle of Light, Art Vision Modern Category ( Moscow, Russia ) : Finalist
2018 1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki ( Miyazaki, Japan ) : Finalist
2018 Circle of Light, Art Vision Modern Category ( Moscow, Russia ) : Finalist
2018 Kyoto Art Festival “Okazaki Toriakari Projection Mapping” ( Kyoto, Japan ) : 2nd Prize
2017 1minute Projection Mapping in Huis Ten Bosch ( Nagasaki, Japan ) : Finalist


2023 19th Festival of Lights Berlin / Colours of life ( Berlin, Germany )

2022 Sumonar Mantra Lumina ( Yogyakarta, Indonesia ) – Work Prosess

2021 厳美に灯る 奥の光 ( Iwate, Japan )


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