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AVA Animation and Visual Arts is an internationally awarded animation studio that specializes in creating extraordinary visual experience solutions for brands, events and government agencies who want to bring joy and engage communities through art, light, technology, creativity and storytelling.

Ever since they started in 2010, their goal has been to deliver joy through experiences and visual journeys. They believe art can transform spaces and reactivate economies, so they want to engage communities with art, providing safe public experiences and spaces where people can feel represented.
They want to break through the noise and isolation of everyday life using light and colour to transport people to places never seen before, sparking a sense of wonder and connection.

Their expertise covers both the creative and technical aspects: their services range from research, planning, projection calculations, design, content animation, production, to temporary and permanent installations.

Their studio is now based in Toronto and their clients include international tourism associations, ad agencies, theme parks, light festivals, and private events.


2019 Malaga Christmas Illuminations ( Alcazaba de Málaga, Spain ) : Headlining Artist
2019 1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle ( Odawara Castle, Japan ) : Jury’s Prize
2019 Light Move Festival ( Lodz Opera House, Poland ) : Headlining Artist
2019 1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki ( Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum, Japan ) : Special Prize
2018 Salamanca Light Festival “Jardin de Cristal” ( Salamanca, Spain ) : Official Selection
2018 Burj Khalifa “Luna” LED Mapping ( Dubai, UAE ) : Official Selection
2017 LunaFete New Orleans Light Festival, “Viva Nola” Videomapping ( Gallier Hall, U.S.A. ) : Headlining Artist
2017 Küzefest Festival International VideoMapping Competition ( Santiago, Chile ) : Jury / Guest Artist
2017 1minute Projection Mapping in Huis Ten Bosch ( Nagasaki, Japan ) : 2nd Place
2017 Latin American Design Awards, Animation Category ( Lima, Perú ) : 2nd Place
2016 Projection Mapping Competition Niigata MINATOPIKA ( Niigata, Japan ) : 3rd Place
2016 Kyoto Okazaki Mapping Festival, Okazakirama Video Mapping ( Kyoto, Japan ) : 2nd Place
2015 Projection Mapping Competition Niigata MINATOPIKA ( Niigata, Japan ) : 2nd Place
2015 iMAPP Bucharest Projection Mapping Competition ( Bucarest, Romania ) : Official Selection
2014-2015 Amsterdam Light Festival, Video Mapping ( Amsterdam, Netherlands ) : 1st Place
2014 Projection Mapping Competition Zushi Media Arts ( Zushi, Japan ) : Official Selection
2014 Circle of Light Festival – Videomapping “LUZ” ( Moscow, Russia ) : 3rd Place

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