モーショングラフィックデザインの分野を専門に活動。社名のDecideKitは、クライアントの問題をプロフェッショナルに「DECIDE(決定)」する手伝いをするために「DESIGN」を「キット(道具)」として使うという意味が込められている。また、問題解決の「DECISIVE TOOL(決定的なツール)」になるという意味も含む。




DECIDEKIT is very passionate in motion graphic design area. They are also confident in the word of “DESIGN”, is the word that they used as a “KIT” in order to help their clients “DECIDE” to make a choice in solving clients’ problems in the beautiful and professional ways. In the other hand, clients can see them as DECISIVE TOOL for the their problem.

Their projects and works are based on preferring ART style and collecting DATA from their clients, they find the best ways and solutions to delivery the message to various type of audiences.

DECIDEKIT was found in 2006 by a woman, who turned down a job opportunity to be a motion designer in NEWYORK, she decided to bring back her skills and experiences, then came back to her hometown and starting her own business. Until today, the company grow so strong and sustain. Their works are unique and distinct from other company. They also gain high trust from the clients.

14 years proved that the company doesn’t need to be a big group of people. They want their company to be a small house that contain full of friendship, motivation and teamwork. They are deeply in detail of assigned project which contain a high quality of “DESIGN” in their standard that they always believe.


2019 1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle ( Odawara, Japan ) : 2nd Prize
2018 1minute Projection Mapping in Miyazaki ( Miyazaki, Japan ) : Miyazaki Prefectural Governer Prize
2018 1minute Projection Mapping in Huis Ten Bosch ( Nagasaki, Japan ) : Audience Prize